At Prestige College we believe in making our courses fit the student’s requirements, not the other way round. We offer flexible programmes for GCSE and A level students that are tailor-made to maximise their chances of academic success.

There’s no such thing as a typical Prestige College student. Boys and girls who do well here are motivated to achieve great results first and foremost but also have the intellectual curiosity and drive to make the most of the excellent facilities on offer.

We are academically non-selective but every student must attend an interview with the Director of Studies and GCSE and international students will sit an assessment test.

How to apply

There are plenty of opportunities to find out more about what Prestige College offers and we are always delighted to meet prospective students and their parents or guardians.

You can download a prospectus or request one to be sent to you by post. Please contact our Admissions Officer on 0161 790 2635 or email to arrange an informal meeting and tour of the college.

Why are we different?

Pass Rate

We have achieved an average pass rate of 90% across our GCSE and A-level courses. Most of our tutors are examiners as well and are able to use their examining experience to teach examination techniques that has enabled unusually high success rate.

Very Small Class Sizes?

Most of our class sessions are taught in small groups with an average size of 6 students to give personalized attention to students. As a tutorial college, we combine the experience of private tutoring with college class settings. Some classes end up having less than 6 students. In some extreme cases of very popular subjects, we might overshoot this with 1 or 2 students.

Exceptional Combination of Tuition with College Experience

A lot of students tend to augment their college learning with private/home tutoring. Well, with us, we’ve got both covered. Learning with us feels like you are being tutored and not really been taught as you might get in mainstream colleges where students are just expected to learn and memorize facts.

Flexible Class Schedule

Due to the fact that a large number of our students are retake or adult students, our time table are scheduled to reflect this. Even though there are day sessions, most sessions are in the evenings and weekends. Your life does not have to stop just because your are studying.