Jenna Horton College Administrator

At Prestige College, our vision is to provide education with a personalised approach. We have found out over the past 17 years that students tend to learn much better when they are being taught by expert teachers who leave a positive impression on them. 

We aim to see students achieve their maximum possible potentials within a formal yet relaxed atmosphere. A student who visited our college some weeks ago made a comment about the environment being so relaxed yet determined. That is the experience we like to leave with our students.

We have a very flexible approach to tutoring allowing students to do both one-year intensive sessions and at times 6-months for the Janaury start sessions if they show the right aptitude for both the GCSE and A-level examination preparations.

Our teachers/tutors are not just experienced and focused but are also examiners who mark the exams, so they are able to give our college students exam help. Our results speak for themselves

Welcome to the college that is able to adapt to your education needs.

One of the conference rooms
Some part of the reception area
One of the lectures rooms